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I try to stay as active as possible.  I'm lucky enough to have a wife and three great kids, so my spare time is rather limited.  
My hobbies revolve around the great outdoors that Montana has to offer.  Basically, I love to fly-fish, hunt, snowmobile,  and ski (h20 and snow!).  I'm also into wood working and carpentry, as I typically spend my summers with a local builder and cabinet maker!

Check out a few of my favorite links if you are interested!  

Flyfishing / Flytying / Rod building
    Montana Flyfishing Registry:
    Montana Waters:
    Fly Tying Forum:
    Bob's Flyfishing / Fly Tying:
    Rod Building:

Woodworking / Carpentry
    New Yankee Workshop:
    Wood Workers Link Page:
    Wood Workers Links 2:

Email me if you have ideas or links to add!