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As a Coach and Physical Conditioning Instructor I have always believed in the power of strength and conditioning to enhance athletic performance, confidence, and personal success.

I have always worked to develop programs and routines to help motivate, guide and monitor athletes as they train.  

The power of educational technology is helping me to develop excellent training routines which are:

   sport specific
   Wide varietyof training options
   Cardiovascular fitness routines  
   New charts or programs can be created to fit your situation and emphasis - just send an outline of what you need the program to do!

The programs are created to allow the user to select specific workouts and tailor them to their athletes.  Coaches or teachers have the option of manipulating routines to fit the needs of their athletes, their philosophy, and their facility.

Each athlete works with a customized chart with their own lifting or training progression.  The charts also calculate future goals which further motivate the athlete to improve.  

Specifically, instructors have the ability to change the lifts, instructions, school logo's and other necessary information to fit their needs.  This allows instructors the flexibility to match up their facilities and equipment with the training routines.  This can be done easily without jeopardizing the entire training chart!

The charts can be used with any PC system which can run Microsoft Excel.  The programs can be used with one athlete, or with as many as needed.  The charts can be presented to athletes individually,  through hard copies, floppy disks or E-mail.  In many cases the programs can be loaded onto a network where athletes can logon, create their program and save for future use. The method you choose to create charts, depends on  your computing skills, and what type of PC network your school or organization uses.

You have the option of creating the charts yourself or you may opt to let your students / athletes be responsible and enter data themselves.   Students can not change the programs dramatically, they can only alter their strength training data - the chart will stay intact!

I have personally had great success with the charts and have been refining them for several years.  I have currently created about 12 unique strength training routines.  I have found it to be much easier to monitor and motivate my students and athletes through the use of Excell Strength Charts.   

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